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Successful Launch of PRISMA and PICARD Satellites

On June 15, 2010 at 18:42:16 Moscow time (14:42:16 UTC) a launch of Dnepr launch vehicle with PRISMA spacecraft (Swedish Space Corporation) and PICARD spacecraft (French Space Agency - CNES) onboard was performed from Yasny launch base located in  Orenburg region, Russia.

Separation of the satellites from the Dnepr upper stage was recorded by a mobile telemetry post in the Sultanate of Oman pursuant to the mission injection profile.

The satellites were placed into the orbit of 730km with inclination of 98.28 degrees.

The PRISMA spacecraft consists of two connivent satellites named Main and Target.  Approximately one month after the launch they will separate from each other. The mission of these two satellites is to serve as test beds for scientific formation flying experiments, including rendezvous, demonstration of guidance, navigation and control related technologies.

PICARD is a scientific mission dedicated to research the Sun.  It is designed to monitor solar activity and to make measurements of the absolute total and spectral solar irradiance, the sun diameter and shape, as well as to perform the sun’s interior probing by the helioseismology method. The research is aimed at assessment of solar activity fluctuations impact on the climate of the Earth and at expansion of solar physics knowledge.

Along with the spacecraft, an Advanced Avionics Unit-1 (BPA-1), a payload, inseparable from the upper stage, was delivered into orbit. 

BPA-1 is experimental equipment designed for use in the navigation systems of civil airplanes, spacecraft and launch vehicles. The avionics unit was developed and manufactured by NPP Khartron-Arkos (Khar’kov, Ukraine) on order of National Space Agency of Ukraine.

This launch became the 14th successful mission under Dnepr Program, and the 4th one performed from Yasny launch base.

ISC Kosmotras congratulates all the mission participants on success!



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