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Founder of ISC Kosmotras - Dr. Vladimir A. Andreev


Dr. Vladimir A. Andreev, Founder of ISC Kosmotras, Member of the Board

Below is a personal profile of Dr.  Andreev:

Born on February 2, 1942 in the village of  Novo-Spasovka, Kuibyshev Region, USSR  where he graduated with honors from high  school.


1964 - Graduate with honors, Institute of  Metallurgy, city of Zhdanov (today – Mariupol,  Ukraine), USSR, Mechanical Engineer (welding  engineering)

1982 – Graduate of the Academy of Economics of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. After graduation was appointed to Production Association ‘A. M. Makarov Yuzhny Machine Building Plant’ (Yuzhmash), Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine


1965 – 1988 –Yuzhny Machine Building Plant (Yuzhmash) of the Ministry of General Machine Building of the USSR, city of Dnepropetrovsk, Republic of the Ukraine, USSR (now Ukraine) – occupied various positions ranging from production engineer, senior production engineer to chief engineer.

1988 – 1992 – Head of 1st Main Directorate of the Ministry of General Machine Building of the USSR, member of Ministry’s Supervisory Board.

 1992 – Present time – Director General of JSC ASKOND (Joint Stock Union for Conversion Activities) and also from 1997 until October 2012 – Director General of International Space Company (ISC) Kosmotras. 

 Professional milestones and achievements 

For 24 years Dr. Andreev worked at Yuzhmash plant under such prominent Soviet rocket industry executives as A.M. Makarov, L.L. Yagudzhiyev, G.G. Komanov, V.S. Sokolov, V.M. Kul’chev, L.G. Chepur and V.V. Borodin.

From 1986, when L.D. Kuchma was appointed Director General of Yuzhmash, Dr. Andreev, in the capacity of the company’s Chief Engineer, was directly involved in solving such challenging tasks as design, testing and serial production of such ICBM systems as RC-20V, RS-22 (silo and rail mobile)  as well as Zenit launcher and a number of other space related systems.

Dr. Andreev is an author of 10 scientific publications and holder of 15 invention certificates. He also holds the rank of the Ministry’s ‘Best Production Engineer’. Examples of engineering solutions invented and realized by the teams headed by Dr. Andreev range from world’s unique contact butt-seam welding technology applied for welding longitudinal seams of rocket body (received USSR State Prize) to technology of fabricating highly clean rocket propellant tanks to complete restructuring of RS-20V ICBM and Zenit launcher propellant tank production.

In early 1990s, during reorganization of the former Soviet defense industry, Dr. Andreev established several joint stock companies that were involved in conversion of military equipment and production capabilities for peaceful use.

With Dr. Andreev acting in the capacity of director general of JSC ASKOND (established in 1992), the company successfully designed and completed large conversion and demilitarization projects such as development and release of design documentation for a commercial launcher based on  RS-20 ICBM, construction of the first UDMH hydrogenation unit at Krasmash plant in Krasnoyarsk, construction of SS-24 rail mobile launcher elimination facility in Bryansk, construction of RS-12M ICBM road mobile launcher elimination facility in Piban’shur and construction of Yasny launch base facilities in Orenburg Region, etc.

Peaceful and rational use of RS-20 ICBMs after their withdrawal from service with the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has been in the main focus of Dr. Andreev’s attention since early 1990s.

Dr. Andreev is one of the founders of an international cooperation program and process called the ‘Dnepr Program’. The program provides for RS-20 ICBM elimination by orbital launch with concurrent insertion of Russian and foreign payloads into outer space.

To this end, an International Space Company (ISC) Kosmotras was established in 1997. The great idea to use RS-20 ICBMs for peaceful purposes was a long-time dream of Academician V.F. Utkin, the first scientific adviser of the Dnepr program, who contributed a lot to its implementation and with whom Dr. Andreev worked productively for many years.  Dnepr Program is implemented by ISC Kosmotras and an industry team of companies from Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan as well as the Russian MoD.

A new facility for launching RS-20 with satellites from Russia was constructed near the town of Yasny in Orenburg Region where Dombarovsky division of the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces (SRF) is located, and design and implementation of this project was one of the major achievements of Dr. Andreev.

From Yasny the Dnepr launches are carried out by SRF personnel.

Dnepr Program (RS-20 ICBM use for peaceful purposes) and Yasny facility construction enjoyed the support of such high ranking Russian officials as S.B. Ivanov (former Russian Minister of Defense), Army General Yu.N. Baluyevsky (former Chief of Russian General Staff), Colonel General N.E. Solovtsov (former SRF Commander-in-Chief) and Yu.N. Koptev (former Head of Roscosmos). Rational use of these unique heavy ICBMs serves the cause of peace, enhancement of the country’s defense capability, and represents a good example of cooperation between rocket engineers and operators.

The Dnepr Program has been awarded with the state prizes of the Russian and Ukrainian governments.

Degrees, publications and awards

Dr. Andreev is twice a Laureate of state prizes in the field of science and engineering: USSR State Prize (1986) and Ukrainian State Prize (2003). He is a holder of 6 State Orders of former USSR, Russia and Ukraine, two state medals and commemorative badges of Federal Space Agency Roscosmos and State Space Agency of Ukraine, as well as a number of certificates of honor. Dr. Andreev is a member of the Russian Tsiolkovsky Academy of Cosmonautics (2003), a fellow member of the Russian Engineering Academy (1990) and a member of International Academy of Astronautics (2012). He also holds a Ph.D. degree (received in 1989).


7 Sergey Makeev St., bld.2, Moscow 123100, Russian Federation

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Fax: +7 (495) 232-34-85

Dnepr Program

During 1992-2003 timeframe, a team of Russian and Ukrainian companies together with the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) were involved in developing a commercial space launch system based on the technology of the SS-18 ICBMs being withdrawn from service.

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Dnepr LV

Description and main specifications
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